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Terms & Conditions for doing business with AntonioDesigns Inc. are as follows:

1. A single drawing package is defined as a group of related drawing sheets that encompass a total design or drawing of a product, fixture, assembly and/or equipment.

2. A project is defined as a single drawing package.

3. The project will be conducted using various communication methods with built-in security settings such as JPEGs,GIFs, Tiffs, PDFs, TXT, MPEGs and MS Word and other file types to provide mark-ups for all projects.

4. Verified is defined as funds transferred to AntonioDesigns Inc. bank account.

5. Paid in full is defined as all funds credited and verified to AntonioDesigns Inc. bank account.

6. A phase is defined as the start to end of a drawing mark-up until the final draft is accepted by the customer.

7. A 20% deposit will be required for each phase of the project. In cases where the mark-up phase exceeds 30 days, another 20% deposit of the initial quote will be required to continue the project activity. This rule applies for the remainder of the project.

8. Project completion is defined as the point where all documentation services are satisfactory to the customer and no further mark-ups are required.

9. At project completion all files will be delivered to the customer in an agreed upon file format and/or media type.

10. Hard data is defined as any information files that are not transmitted digitally to the customer such as CD-Roms, and paper documents.

11. All shipping charges are to be paid by the customer for delivery of any hard data media and documents.

12. Transmitted digitally is defined as any data that is sent to the customer using the internet and auxiliary programs such as MS Outlook Express or Outlook.

13. Any data transmitted digitally in easily converted common file formats will not incur additional charges.

14. Special formats are defined as any formats that require any special file converison programs to convert to the desired file format.

15. Special formats will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

16. A project file is defined as any files used to create designs, drawings, 3D models, and documents.

17. A drawing sheet will be composed of a single page populated with three standard views and one isometric view and dimensioned per industry standards. The title block will be populated with standard info per customer input. One set of notes will be included. A revision block and one table or BOM (bill of materials) is also included.

18. All project files are property of AntonioDesigns Inc. until all outstanding balances are paid in full. No exceptions.

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